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Android Application Of 2014-Spring Application

A spring source faced web issues are not doing good with mobile smart phones applications this is because of its screen size and other application facilities we are using in it. Lets have a curable discussion over it.
I know now people wonder upon what is spring , we are speaking about, it is a software interface were developers trusted to solve the set of interface problems used in java bean. And many developers are working up on this interface problem of it.
For instance spring goes good with Android , all android interfcaes with spring software, so that the application are made easy on the spring Interface.With this spring interface we can use the REST template which is nothing but an social interface network.With the help of spring Android support all REST template and many more social networking sites in this. So on the whole spring format has set a goal in the android platform.
Withn every update of Spring protocol people are given an automatic HTTP accessibility to all social netw…