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Top 10 Best Mobiles of 2014 | Top 10 Android Mobiles

Buying an Android based Smartphone with best in class features will definitely be one among our dreams in the technological world. There are plenty of beautiful, confusing options are made available in these days for the process of purchasing the Android based mobile due to the increase in number of Smartphone makers categorically. We are bringing you up the top 10 Smartphones in the world as of today in terms of budget, features, specifications and even popularity basis indeed. Go through the following lines to achieve the same in effective manner.

1. HTC One M8: Being one among the costly Android Mobile in these days, you can effectively get some of the stunning performances with the same in terms of both software and hardware specs. The Specs is really comparable with the features of the Galaxy S4 and Sony Z2 and style is matching with Apple iPhone 5C indeed.
2. Sony Xperia Z2: Exceptional and first in Smartphone world with both Dust and Water proof conditions. The cost for the same is…

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Must Needed Android Apps

We can definitely anticipate much from the Samsung Smartphone maker in the upcoming CES 2015 in Las Vegas, USA. They are eyeing a lot in grasping the attention of the customers by unveiling their brand new Smartphone none other than “Galaxy S6”. Their recently unveiled Galaxy Note 4 Android Smartphone with the HD AMOLED 5.7 inch Touch Screen have been really made their success through the same. Some of the important apps for this exclusive Smartphone are made available in the Google Play store and please make the most of it for your requirements.

LectureNotes: One of the finest android app available for the Galaxy Note 4 for taking impressive notes on the go. This new lecture note app is very stylish and gives you gracious look. You can handle the same with pencil in hand. Effectively useful for both the college and conference hall note making stuffs for sure.
Download Lecture Notes Android App S Pen Toolbox: S pen is an impressive stuff available with the Samsung Galaxy Android Phablet. T…

Top 5 Five Octa Core Processor Budget Smartphones in the World

The year 2014 is certainly going to be ending in a couple of days; we certainly anticipate some of the exceptional activities in our life in the upcoming year categorically. In the Smartphone world too, there are ample of changes happens. The Smartphone with Single and Dual core technologies have really gone to hell and most of us definitely love the Quad or Octa core mobile phones only. The main reason for this stuff is that, you can definitely make, the faster and smoother operation with your Smartphone using this quality processor. You can now get the top 5 Android operating system powered Smartphones with the advanced octa core processor technologies in the following lines.

Top 5: Karbonn Titanium Octane Cost of the Product: Rs.11999/-Processor with Speed: 1.7GHz speed powered Cortex A7 MediaTek processorCamera Aspects: 16MP Rear and 8MP Front shooterOperating System: Android Kitkat version 4.4Display:5 inch HD DisplayRAM and Storage: 2GB RAM and 8GB Internal MemoryTop 4: Micromax C…

Top 10 Android App of the Year 2014

The Google Play Store for Android operating system have been unveiled certain incredible apps and games for the finest enthusiasm within themselves. As the year 2014 going to be ending in a few days, we have been coming up with top Android Apps of the Year 2014. Make the most of the following apps as per your requirements effectively.Let us go, through the all new apps mobiles available here.

1 BBC Weather: This BBC Weather Android App certainly appears to be one among the finest app that gives you triple meteorological experience within yourself. The varieties of usages in terms of forecasting, location aware and other forms of predicting the rain is really awesome.
2 Kabbee: This apps android mobile have really won the hearts of peoples of London, which helped them to get their late night train to avoid drunken ferry needs at certain cheaper rates in the industry. Make use of this Android App.
3 Barclays Mobile Banking: The needs of Smartphone certainly completes here. The Barclays Andro…

Samsung Z1 Tizen OS Smartphone 2015

Samsung is currently planning to unveil their brand new Smartphone in another upcoming operating system of the world. We all knew Samsung was certainly familiar for their Android based mobile making stuffs and now they are set to make a distinctive trend through introducing their brand new OS nothing but, “Tizen” indeed. Samsung is yet to unveil their first Tizen based branded Smartphone on the market in due course of time. Let us go, through the leaked specifications of latest Smartphone by Samsung categorically. This mobile will be first launched in India on coming January 18th of 2015.

Key Specifications of Samsung Z1 Tizen Based Mobile: Cost just $903G, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM3MP Rear and 0.3MP Front Shooter4inch Capacitive Display1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor768MB RAM and 4GB Internal Memory
Operating System: This is just a trial or first generation of device from Samsung which comes with the Tizen based operating system categorically. You will really enjoy the fresh form of operating system ex…

Top Apple iPhone iPad Apps of the Year 2014

As the New Year 2015 is going to be unveiled within a few days, let us definitely not to forget the currently concluding year 2014 and its happenings. In such a way that, we are here to discuss about the top Apple iOS Apps released in the year of 2014. The following list of applications is the most downloaded and trusted apps by the iOS users in terms of both iPhone and iPad categorically. If you are still in need of getting the same, don’t hesitate to make the most of the following lines without fail.

Drafts: This is certainly more than Android Evernote App in terms of giving you the finest mode of editing your current schedule, plan and activities including the remainder option categorically. Finest productivity and must have iOS App of the year 2014.
HoursTime Tracking: This is a real time tracking iOS App available for the Apple manufactured device. The user interface is really brilliant and the colors is really awesome. The today view in the app is really brilliant that helps you to …

HTC One Flagship Hima Smartphone Specification List

You all know this HTC global Smartphone maker, who is also well known for their high end specifications richer Smartphone launches at higher rates like Apple Phones categorically. There is a massive expectation apart from the rumor has been active around the HTC Smartphone makers right from the beginning of the month. But, now some of the reliable resources suggest that, the following lines will be the final specs that are leaked in global mobile trending websites undeniably. The name of the new Smartphone by HTC is HTC One Hima, which they have been termed as their coded Flagship Smartphone that fulfills the entire needs of the next generation Smartphone users without fail.

Key Specifications of the HTC One Hima Latest Smartphone: Runs with Android L 5.0Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC Processor5 inch Full HD Display20.7 MP Rear camera and 4 or 13MP as SecondaryMetal body looks alike as HTC One M8Available in Silver, Gray, Gold and Gunmetal Gold Colors4G LTE Connectivity3GB RAM and 16GB Int…

Meizu Announced M1 Note Flagship Smartphone

The China branded Smartphone makers is intimidating the entire global Smartphone manufacturer by unveiling the hottest mobile technology in their Smartphone at certain inexpensive rates as much as possible. You might have heard about the Meizu, which is also among the top upcoming Chinese branded Smartphone maker group. They have recently unveiled their new specifications about the “M1 Note Smartphone”, which is simply replicate of the features possessed with Xiaomi Redmi Note Smartphone categorically. But at the same time, the features included here are really higher than Redmi Note and whereas the cost to the same is really less than the same. Let us go through the complete list of specifications with M1 Note latest Meizu Smartphone.

Key Specifications of Meizu M1 Note Smartphone: 5.5 inches made IPS HD Resolution DisplaySharp Energy Efficient IGZO panels with 400ppi.2 GHz MediaTek MT6752 Processor2GB RAM with 16 or 32 GB Internal Memory13MP Rear and 5MP Front Shooters3140mAh powerful…

Latest Leaked Specs of Xiaomi MI5 Android Smartphone

Xiaomi is certainly one among the leading china based Smartphone maker, who have won more than a million of hearts all over the world by launching some of the exclusive Smartphones in recent past years at flexible cost to the products indeed. Almost the entire Smartphones launched by this maker have made themselves technically impressive by comparing the cost to it. Now, there is a viral talk about their latest specifications leaks in the internet that’s too in one of the social media network, Weibo named MI5 Mobile. We are here to have healthy discussion about the latest available news about the leaked specifications of the Xiaomi Mi5 Android mobile categorically.

Expected Key Specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone: 5.5 inches with full HD Resolution DisplayPowerful Snapdragon 805 or 810 family processors3GB RAM with 16GB Internal MemoryRear camera with 20.7MPFingerprint Sensor for additional security.
Operating System: The operating system of the recently available leaked Specs of…

Exclusive Leather Backs for Samsung Galaxy Alpha

We all knew well that, Samsung one among the leading Smartphone maker across the globe which is effectively powered by Android operating system mostly. There are over several exclusive launches were made by this Smartphone maker in various features including the high end and mid range costs categorically. While coming to the statistics of the sales across the globe, this maker is really doing their best in class activities which is offering them sharing the 30% of the mobiles where are manufactured by them categorically. You might have gone through the complete Specifications applicable with the Samsung latest launched Smartphone none other than “Samsung Galaxy Alpha”.

Getting the powerful and reliable accessories for any branded Smartphone in these days needs proper attention. Also, the power of getting the reliable accessories for your lovable Smartphone has been become very simpler with the help of many online retails for sure. Now, with the help of the collaborative project between…

Top 5 Alternate Tablets for New Apple iPad

Tablets have been one among the leading alternates for the traditional laptops, which is really gaining their usability in business areas for sure. Even though the cost to the Tablet is really higher with the Apple powered iPad comparing most of the Android and Windows powered Smartphone, everyone will really interest in using the same for sure. The specifications and technology implementations in the same is really higher than most of the other is the main cause for this impression over the Apple iPod’s. As not all of us definitely possessed with the same economic and hence, we have brought you some of the cheap and best budget Tablet with the similar specs of the Apple iPad indeed.

Nexus 9 Tablet: Nexus tablet is exceptionally powered by the Google and you can really achieve a lot with the latest released Android OS none other than Android L 5.0 Lollipop indeed. This Tablet is comes with the 8.9 inch awesome display without built Bloatware for sure. You will definitely get every updat…

Latest Alcatel Idol OneTouch Alpha Smartphone Released

Everyone will really interest in getting the sexier Smartphone for their professional and even the personal needs. Most of us definitely not express higher interest towards any higher priced Smartphone or Tablet as we have plenty of beautiful option available in the same specifications from many global Smartphone makers categorically. Just in this regards, we have been gifted with another best in class performance richer Smartphone by Alcatel in their Flagship model, Onetouch Idol Alpha indeed. Let us see the complete specs offered with the Alcatel Idol Alpha Smartphone in brief manner.

Key Specifications of Alcatel Idol Alpha Smartphone: Jelly Bean Android Operating System4.7 inch powered IPS HD Display1.2 GHz Quad Core processor1GB RAM and 16GB ROM13MP Rear and 1.3MP Front Shooter
Operating system: Though Android certainly improved a lot in their operating systems both the version and the features such as Android KITKAT and Lollipop indeed, you can still avail a lot features with the An…