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List of Smartphones Launched This Week May 2015

Every week we will see the list of new mobiles launched in the market, in the same manner, we will go through the latest mobiles released by mobile makers in the last week of May 2015. Some of the newcomers in the market are Coolpad (Dazen Mobiles) & Wiio Wi3 (Indian mobile maker). Let us go through the features available with the mobiles launched in this week in brief manner. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus:
The cost of the mobile is fixed with Rs.9990/- which looks like costly to the features boasted with it. Why, because, the mobile is powered with 5 inches of TFT diplay with the resolution of 480*800 pixels. Also, it just runs on the Android Kitkat, not even the basic version of Android L OS. The Quad core processor of 1.2GHz Qualcomm makes the mobile as mid range device, which is well coupled to the 1GB RAM for multitasking requirements. The internal memory of the device is built with 8GB and you can expand the same up to 64GB. Comes with just 5MP Rear unit and 2MP Selfie snapper…

Hauwei Honor 7 Smartphone to Come with 4GB RAM

Honor devices are the current trend of the Huawei Smartphones for a quite long time period. Hauwei doesn’t unveil any flagship devices in recent times, but the quality Honor mobiles. There are ample of rumors associated with these mobiles at the rumor mill. This time, the Honor 7 device is expected to build with 4GB RAM along with 13MP OIS camera features categorically. If it happens, the Hauwei 7 will be among the top 5 mobiles in the world with 4GB RAM, even Apple doesn’t count themselves with the list. Other phenomenal features enabled with this device is that, it built with Fingerprint sensor. Highlighting Features of Rumored Huawei Honor 7: 5 inches Full HD Display4GB RAM & 16GB Internal MemoryPowered with Kirin 935 Chipset13MP Rear Camera & 8MP SnapperEnabled with Fingerprint SensorRuns on Android Lollipop 5.0 OSPacked with 3280mAh Battery
Software features of Hauwei Honor 7 Smartphone:
The software of the brand new Hauwei Honor 7 device is anticipated to run on the Android …

Oppo R7 Smartphone Available for Pre-Order in UK

Finally, Oppo the Chinese Smartphone maker made the long waited Oppo R7 Smartphone official last week in Beijing event. Following event, the Smartphone is made available for Pre-Order in UK this week. As per the sources, the official cost of the Oppo R7 Smartphone mobile is fixed with $396 in UK. Accordingly, the mobile will be going for sale by 21st July 2015. Interestingly, the Amazon UK is the official online retailer for this Smartphone. The ColorOS version 2.1 is what the interesting features implemented with this mobile along with the 128GB expandable storage. Let us see the complete features available with the mobile in depth. Highlights of Oppo R7 Smartphone 2015: 13MP Rear & 8MP Selfie Snapper5 inches of AMOLED Display3GB RAM & 16GB Internal Storage64bit Qualcomm 615 ProcessorRuns on ColorOS version 2.1Provided with 2320mAh battery
Software Features of Oppo R7 Smartphone:
The software is completely a new and latest stuff from the maker. Hope you aware about the ColorOS, w…

Buy Lumia 435 for just $50 in Walmart from T-Mobile

The legendary computer operating system developer Microsoft recently launched its entry level Smartphone with its branded Lumia tag. The initial cost of the Smartphone is priced up to $70 and even the same price is available at the official website of the Microsoft. Today, T-Mobile offered a great price cut to this particular device up to 30% in the Walmart online retail. Yes, you can now buy the Microsoft Lumia 435 Smartphone at just $49.88 i.e. $50 from the Walmart online store. Hope you know this Smartphone was launched on January 2015. Let us see the complete list of features available with the mobile in depth. Highlights of Microsoft Lumia 435 Smartphone 2015: Powered by Snapdragon 200 SoC Processor4 inches WVGA Display2MP Rear & VGA Selfie Camera1GB RAM & 8GB Expandable MemoryRuns on Windows 8.1 OSDual SIM Supports HSPA+ Mobile Networks
Operating System:
The operating system of the brand new entry level Smartphone from Microsoft, the Lumia 435 is pre installed with the supre…

Dazen 1 Smartphone Launched in India by Coolpad

There are several new Smartphone makers started their journey in India, which has the moderate global market in the Smartphone world. Most of the Chinese mobile manufacturers are started to launch their stuff in India. Today another maker from China, none other than Coolpad, as launched their two epic rich mobile in India with attractive price followed by specifications as well. The newly launched mobile Coolpad’s Dazen 1 is expected to provide decent competition to the Yu Yuphoria and Xiaomi Redmi 2 as well. The cost of this particular mobile is about Rs.6999/-. Another mobile launched by Coolpad is termed as Dazen X7, which is fixed at the rate of Rs.17999/-. Highlighting Features of Coolpad’s Dazen 1 Smartphone 2015: 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor from Qualcomm2GB RAM & 8GB Internal Memory5inch HD DisplayWi-Fi, Bluetooth, MicroUSB, AGPS, & More8MP Rear and 5MP Selfie Camera features2500mAh Battery capacity
Operating System:
This particular features from the Coolpad’s Dazen 1 Smartp…

5000mAh Battery Tablet Launched by HP Slate 7 Ultra

Though Smartphones are the leading sellers in the mobile world, sometimes the Tablet followed by Smart wearables are also making its time in the sector. HP is one among the few consumer electronics maker, who is highly concentrated on the Tablet gadgets instead of mobiles. Hope you know, the HP Slate 7 Ultra Tablet was launched last July in Singapore and the same tablet with altered specifications are being launched in India. The cost of the tablet is fixed with Rs.29990/-, while the MRP of the same is expected to go up to Rs.32300/- in retails. The Mumbai based retailer, Mahesh Telecom is the one who launched the official specs sheet of the HP Slate 7 Ultra in India. Specifications Launched to HP Slate 7 Ultra Tablet: It Runs on Android Jelly Bean OS7 inches Full HD Display1.6GHz Quad Core Processor2GB RAM, 16GB Internal & 32GB Expandable MemoryWi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE Connectivity Support13MP Rear Camera with 5MP SelfieBuilt in 5000mAh Battery
Operating System:
The operating syst…

LG G5 Mobile Could Come with Iris Recognition Features

Launching a new kind of successor Smartphone is not new to manufacturers, but it should certainly have some interval between the two. Unless, it will definitely show some negative impact to any of the two without fail. Hope you know LG G4 has been in the market just a month ago and there are few retails across the globe, which still waiting to get the same. The following lines might be a rumor, certainly a leak as well. There is nothing wrong in the process of making hard work on the successor Smartphone right after the launch of the flagship mobile in the market. LG G5 Mobile is Under Construction:
There is a wide rumor or leaks come with the LG Smartphone maker, especially about their future mobile, which is highly concentrated on the LG G4 successor. Though there is no such dissatisfaction shown by the LG G4 users, the rumor claims that, LG started to work on the LG G5 Mobile. The recognition table of the mobile in the department of sensor is expected to raise a bit to make it rival …

Coolpad’s Dazen X7 High End Smartphone in India 2015

Coolpad is certainly launching several newbie mobile series in India. Hope you know it as ample of products in the consumer electronics market including the wide ranges of Smartphone & Tablet gadgets. Today, another mobile phone is also launched by the Coolpad, which is termed as, Coolpad Dazen X7, which certainly comes under the high end Smartphone category indeed. This Smartphone is aimed to provide rival competition to the Xiaomi Mi 4 followed by Asus Zenfone 2 (Indian version, i.e. 2GB RAM) straight away. Another phenomenal fact associated with this mobile is that, it’s launching soon in India through Snapdeal Online retailer on 9th June 2015. Official Specs Offered with the Coolpad Dazen X7 Smartphone: Android Lollipop 5.1 OS (expected)Built with 5.2 inches of Full HD Display13MP Rear Camera & 8MP Front Snapper1.7 GHz Octa Core Processor from Qualcomm2GB RAM & 16GB Internal memory2700 mAh long lasting battery featuresWi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio & More

Nokia Lumia 940 Mobile with 5.2Inch Full HD Display

Nokia is back! Please don’t get shocked or stunned after reading it. We know, Nokia sold their industry rights to Microsoft. But, nevertheless their patents. We are not here to discuss about the same in depth. It looks likes Microsoft could launch another flagship Smartphone in the Smartphone world, through the Nokia tagged device. Every Smartphone will come to the Benchmark test before it goes to the consumer indeed. In the same manner, Microsoft Lumia 940 Smartphone as also launched in the GFX Benchmark, which was uncovered with the Nokia RM 1106 patent. This mobile news could really help the rumor (Nokia to launch their official Smartphones by first quarter of 2016) could get strong indeed. Exceptional Features with Nokia RM 1106 Smartphone: Runs on Latest Windows 10 Operating SystemPossessed with QHD Display of 5.2 inches2.5D Glass screen17MP Primary Camera & 5MP Selfie CameraHexa Core Processor from Qualcomm Family2GB RAM & 32GB Internal Memory
Operating System:
The operating…

Asus Zenfone Selfie with 13MP Front Snapper

Asus the predominant Smartphone maker, which turned out the whole world to their side by launching the world's first mobile device with 4GB RAM indeed. There are few quite interesting features enabled with this branded Smartphone maker. One of the major stuff is that, they become the rival competitor to both the legendary mobiles makers Apple & Samsung within one year of their entry into the Smartphone world. Even today, Asus brought another interesting shock in the Smartphone market, which exclusive about the launching of supreme mobile with awesome Selfie Camera indeed. New Reports of Asus Zenfone Mobile:
Hope you know the grand succes with the recently launched exceptional mobile phone by Asus, none other than Asus Zenfone 2. This mobile has got several versions within it. The major changes were highly concentrated with only the RAM followed by Octa Core Processor from Qualcomm and MediaTek family. It is reported that, Asus is planned to launch another exclusive and incredibl…

Xiaomi to Launch Windows 10 Smartphone Soon 2015

The Chinese Smartphone makers are really doing some of the brilliant job in the world mobile market. Right from their entry, most of the Smartphone rates reduced drastically. It’s really true that, the mobile rates have been reduced a lot whilst the number of mobiles has been grownup in skyline. Flashsale concept was launched by them in the market, which has been now the trendiest move for any Smartphone manufacturer, using which they are selling a decent number of mobiles at its best possible modes. One of the legendary Chinese maker in the industry is Xiaomi. Xiaomi to Launch Windows 10 Smartphone:
Hope you know, Xiaomi as ample mobiles in the Android (custom MiUi) category and they are planning to improvise their global market by launching the Microsoft made operating system Windows too. This has been officially confirmed by the maker in the first week of March 2015. Yes, Microsoft approved Xiaomi to produce the Windows 10 based Smartphone and get familiar in the Chinese market.
No p…

Flagship Lumia 940 With 20MP Camera and USB Type C

Lumia mobiles don’t see any of the flagship devices in the recent past. But, there is a wide rumor flowing in the world that, Microsoft to be launch their Flagship Smartphone in the name of Lumia 940 indeed. One of the most interesting features to be implemented with this rumored Smartphone is that, it could come with 20 MP Primary Camera at the rear end. Another factor associated with this newbie device is that, it was built in with Type C USB cable for faster charging necessities. The rumor also claims that, this device could have the similar design of Nokia Lumia 830 Smartphone. Let's go through the ample of rumored facilities associated with the same in depth. Features of New Lumia 940 XL Mobile 2015:
There are ample of amazing features bundled with the brand new and upcoming rumored Microsoft Lumia 940 XL mobile. Yes, the Lumia 940 as two versions, that is Microsoft Lumia 940 and 940 XL indeed. The major difference between the two mobiles is their screen size for sure.
The Micr…

Sony Launched Xperia Z3+ Smartphone 2015 In India

Sony the predominant Smartphone maker from China has been really launching ample of newbie devices in the market just to make some unstoppable buzz around them. Even today, Sony Launched their new device, termed as "Sony Xperia Z3+". The official announcement for the same comes with the Sony website Japan, which is followed by the official launch of Xperia Z4 indeed. You will definitely get some sort of confusion with the name identification of the Sony device. Fortunately, this new Sony Xperia Z3+ is a improved version of Xperia Z3, which was launched over a year ago. The earlier leaks stated that, this Xperia Z3+ could be launched by mid of June 2015, interestingly the same comes for pre-order in European countries today. Let us go through few highlights associated with the brand new Sony Xperia Z3+ Smartphone 2015. Key Features of Sony Xperia Z3+ Smartphone 2015: Unlocked version of the mobile cost £549Available in Black & Copper colorsQualcomm Snapdragon 810 Chipset5.2…

Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone with Snapdragon 820 Chipset

Xiaomi mobile is one among the few Smartphones for the year, which definitely brings ample of new features in the Smartphone world. Today, Xiaomi is expected to launch a newbie Smartphone in the world. Though, it is assumed to be a rumor, the latest features and facilities are affiliated with the Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone at its best. Quite for a long time, this Xiaomi Mi 5 device is with the rumor mill and today it has been out. Interestingly, the new mobile from Xiaomi is anticipated to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC indeed. Let us go through the same in depth to find the real time features applicable with the device. Key Highlights of Xiaomi Mi 5 Smartphone 2015: Comes with Fingerprint Sensor4GB RAM & 64GB Internal MemoryAndroid Lollipop Operating System5.5 inches QHD Display16MP OIS Rear Camera & 8MP Selfie Camera
There is a valuable point made by the Xiaomi maker in the software systems of its new mobile (Xiaomi Mi 5), by implementing the latest Android Lollipop OS version …