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4 New Smartphones would comes in Acer – IAF 2015

Launching new mobile phones in the industry by Acer is definitely not a big task at all. At the same time, maintaining proper anticipation and satisfying the same is a big task for any new comers and Acer definitely lies in that scale for no reasons. Though, the competition for any Smartphone makers are really up and high in these days, Acer did well in their past Smartphone launches. The decent specs followed by disciplined rates make them to get considerations in budget friendly Smartphone sectors. Acer is also expected to join a few Smartphone makers, who are in the process of making mobile in two great giant software platforms, such as Android & Windows indeed. 4 New Smartphones from Acer:
Hope you all aware of the upcoming meetup IFA 2015. This is certainly considered as a Mini mobile world congress event and scheduled to hold by September 2015 in Berlin. There is no doubt, Acer will join the meet and launch their latest arrivals categorically. According to one of the German on…

List of Smartphones gets latest Windows 10 OS - Microsoft

A day before yesterday, i.e. on 29th July 2015, Microsoft officially launched its much awaited and most anticipated version Windows 10 OS. There are few great improvements were addressed with the operating system and definitely addressed all major issues with the existing version Windows 8 OS at its best. Especially the start button is one among the major issue, experienced with the Windows 8 and the current Windows 10 has dedicated start button at the home screen. Nevertheless it has the feature of personal voice assistant, Cortana built in right after the home button and you can effectively use her at any point of your requirements. The Mobile version Windows 10 Coming Soon:
Though Microsoft officially declared the Windows 10 operating system yesterday, the same is suitable only for the desktop computer screens. The Windows 10 operating system for Smartphones & Tablets was not released yet. The company is still in the process of making the Windows 10 for mobile screens. It will de…

ZTE V3 New Smartphone Launched Buy Online at $160

The Chinese Smartphone makers are very seriously into the process of making sensational mobile phones at affordable rates. The best examples of such works are experienced with the Xiaomi and OnePlus Smartphone makers. These two companies have definitely made their best in class works in the Smartphone world and proved their value in the market categorically. Today, ZTE joins the race and unveiled its new Smartphone V3 in China and the specialty of the same is experienced with the metal body categorically. There are two other variants of the mobile are made and comes with fingerprint sensor as well. Highlights of the new ZTE V3 Mobile: 5.5 inch Full HD IPS DisplayQualcomm Snapdragon 615 Chipset2GB RAM & 16GB Internal Memory3000mAh long lasting batteryRuns on Android L OSDual SIM with 4G LTE13MP Primary & 5MP Selfie Camera
Operating System:
The operating system of the ZTE V3 has been made with the latest version Android. It is the Android Lollipop version operating system 5.1 and it…

Galaxy Tab S2 Launched in Hong Kong | Coming Soon India

Samsung is very conscious in launching their next iteration devices, which must satisfy their users and also should overcome the previous issues (if any). That is why, Samsung is making their time to launch new device with the Note (tablet). After a long R&D, today, Samsung come forward to announce their new iteration Samsung Galaxy device in the name of “Samsung Galaxy Tab S2”. According to the official statement by Samsung, the new device will be launched officially within a week from now. Interestingly, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has been made available for pre-order in Europe online stores. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Go Sale on 4th August 2015:
Though certain online stores in Europe have made their statement for the pre-order for the device, the true Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will be officially launched on 4th August 2015 only. The official launch event is schedule to hold in Hong Kong on the above mentioned date. The device is expected to come with two variants, i.e. in terms of scre…

Samsung First Smartphone with Image Sensor Leaked Online

Samsung Electronics is well known for its quality Smartphones followed by various consumer electronics stuffs. The leader in the consumer electronics manufacturing units has been introduced its first Smartphone with finest quality Image Sensor. Yes, the new mobile from Samsung will have its 1.0µm pixel based 16MP Image Sensor camera, which is made with the CMOS technology. This is also the industries first in class image sensor for sure. The latest ISOCELL technology from the Samsung is the major cause for the launching of first Image sensor. Advantages of Samsung ISOCELL Technology:
There are various interesting features are associated with the latest Image sensor from Samsung and are as follows.
The new technology made Image sensor, certainly reduces the size of the making of the quality camera followed by its height as well. This image sensor will really suits the Smartphone makers, who are very serious in making their mobiles as thinner as possible.
The Vice president of Samsung Elec…

Meizu Mini Smartphone Announced Meizu M2 Note

Meizu is one among the rising star & leading Chinese Smartphone maker in the global market has come up with their brand new Smartphone in the name of Meizu M2 Note. This is the smaller version of the earlier Meizu M1 Note, which was launched few months ago. This Smartphone is made with attractive prices followed by decent specifications as well. If you are really aiming to move with any of the budget Smartphones to save your money, without any compromise in the quality, then the Meizu M2 Note will definitely be one among the options you have. Let us have the reliable details over them. Key Specifications of Meizu M2 Note 2015: 5 inch IPS LCD DisplayMediaTek Quad Core CPUMali T720 GPU & 2GB RAM13MP Rear & 5MP Selfie CameraRuns on Android Lollipop OSDual SIM LTE (shared with MicroSD)
Software Aspects of Meizu M2 Note:
As per the official reports, the new Meizu M2 Note will be featured with the latest operating system with the Android at its best. Yes, the mobile is made to run w…

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Mobile Images by Sao Paulo Police

Hope you read our recent post, which stated the Sony Lavender to be called as Sony Xperia C5 Smartphone. The official radar of the Xperia C5 has been started to get into the market in recent days. One of the major rumors about the mobile is that, it could have the 5.5 inch Bezel-free display! But, today, we are really having a very different story in the market. The official images of the Sony Xperia C5 Smartphone have been brought to you by, Sao Paulo Police Department, you don’t believe this, but that was the true!!
This incident has been happened by making an investigation on a theft Smartphone. They were in the recovery of a stolen Smartphone, (the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra). This mobile has been went missing with the Brazilian Certification Agency (ANATEL) and the phone was later found to be available for auction on Facebook.
The Brazilian forces were done certain brilliant undercover works to find the missed Sony Xperia C5 and found it. But the later happenings were the most real intere…

Samsung Galaxy J5 Launched in Europe Buy @ $260

Hope you all knew about the tech giant, Samsung, for its phenomenal works with the recently launched flagship mobile, both Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge device indeed. Just a month before the Korean tech giant unveiled its status about working on the Samsung Galaxy J5 Smartphone. Today, this mobile is made to available in the European market and now exclusively made available for sale in Germany. Orange is the carrier, through which Samsung is selling its brand new mobile at the rate of $260. The following details were mentioned on the official website of the Korean tech giant’s German website. Special Features with Samsung Galaxy J5 Smartphone: 5inches HD Display64bit Snapdragon 410 Processor1.5GB RAM & 8GB ROMAndroid Lollipop v5.0.2 OSFull HD 13MP Rear & 5MP Selfie Camera
Operating System: Android Lollipop
The operating system of the upcoming Samsung J5 has been powered by Google Android for sure. This time Samsung proudly presents the latest Android Lollipop v5.0.2 in the OS …

New Motorola Moto X Play Mobile Officially Launched Today

As Motorola is said to be busy with the launching of the next generation Moto G Smartphone, they are also intended in the process of unveiling other two new mobiles in the market. Hope you got the details about the Moto X Style Smartphone in our previous article and hence it is the time for the information about the Moto X Play Smartphone. There are quite impressive distinctions made available between these two devices and hence users can definitely make the most of it, according to their requirements & style as well. The details about the Moto X play mobile are as follows. Highlights of Moto X Play Smartphone 2015: 5.5 inch Full HD DisplayQualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa Core CPU2GB RAM & 16/32GB internal memory5MP Selfie Snapper, 21MP Rear camera3630mAh Li-ion battery
Operating System:
The brand new official mobile from the Motorola, i.e. Moto X Play has been enabled with the features as per its name. While speaking about the features of the operating system, there is no doubt that,…

Samsung Galaxy Folder Smartphones Launched in South Korea

Hope you know, once the demand for the Folder Smartphones is high, but the story is not the same now. To my knowledge, the demand towards the Folder Smartphones is extinct over a few years ago. But, there is no real reason behind the Samsung’s new move with the Folder Smartphones in the market. It is reported officially that, Samsung will be launching a new version of Folder Flip-Phone in the Galaxy series in South Korea indeed. The new mobile will be the successor of the Galaxy Folder, where this mobile is launched by 2013. Let’s have detailed specifications over the same. Highlights of Samsung Galaxy Folder Smartphone 2015: 3.8 inch Touch Screens Display8GB Internal Memory8MP Rear Unit & 2MP Selfie Camera1800mAh Battery FeaturesCost $255 in South KoreaTends to run with Android L OS
Accordingly, the new Samsung Galaxy Folder Smartphone is officially announced a day after the official announcement of the LG flip model in the same location. One of the common stuff between the two devi…

Motorola Moto X Style Smartphone Unveiled in India

Motorola the legendary Smartphone making company has involved in the process of debuting its next generation mobile phone accordingly. As you know, the hype about the upcoming Moto G 3rd generation Smartphone, Moto has been officially unveiled its 3 new variants. This move could definitely make a way for the long standing rumor mobile, Moto G (3rd Gen) to have some free time to come live in the market. In talking depth about the other two Smartphone, they are Motorola Moto X Style and Motorola Moto X Play mobile. Let us have detailed information about the Moto X Style Smartphone at its best. Key Features of Moto X Style Mobile: 5.5 inch QHD DisplayQualcomm Snapdragon 808 Chipset3GB RAM & 16/32GB Internal memory21MP primary and 5MP Selfie camera3000mAh powerful batterySupports 4G LTE Network
Operating System:
The brand new official mobile from the Motorola, i.e. Moto X Style has been enabled with the features as per its name. While speaking about the features of the operating system, t…

Lava Pixel V1 Smartphone Unveiled - Rival to Redmi 2S

Lava the Indian Smartphone maker has been tremendously doing their maximum possible moves to withstand the local marketing conditions made by the Chinese mobile maker Xiaomi, at its best. In order have a healthy competition in the market; Lava introduced a new version of its mobile termed as “Lava Pixel V1”. This newbie Smartphone is said to be the rival competitor of the Redmi 2S mobile and still it’s lagging in certain amazing features of Redmi 2S indeed. Being busy about the launching of 2nd generation Android One devices exclusively by Lava, they are also intended in launching another low end, but perfect competitor to the local marketers, through this Lava Pixel V1 Smartphone. Let us discuss the details about the Lava Pixel V1 mobile in depth.
Highlights of Lava Pixel V1 Mobile 2015: Runs on Android Lollipop OS5.5 inch IPS Display Touch Screen1.3GHz MediaTek Quad Core Processor2GB RAM & Mali 400 GPU13MP Rear & 8MP Selfie Snappers2560mAh Li-ion Battery32GB internal & expa…

Sony Unveiled Xperia C5 Smartphone Today

Being a busy buzzing Smartphone maker, Sony is certainly intended in making affordable rate Smartphone at its best in the industry for sure. Eventually, Sony is interested in finding the perfect position in all segments of the Smartphone making and hence they are trying their level best with the process of making quality phones at feasible rates in all forms of markets. Today, Sony has unveiled the official statement about the making of newbie mobile, none other than Sony Xperia C5 Mobile. Sony has officially declared its manual in their website and we will discuss the same in the following lines. Sony Lavender is Sony Xperia C5:
While coming to the details about this mid range Smartphone from Sony, particular stuff is accessible, but certainly unofficial. It was rumored as Sony Lavender Smartphones, and the same is now turned to be the Sony Xperia C5 indeed. It is also stated that, the new Xperia C5 mobile will be launched by this August end. By the way, the debuted model will be E5553…

Permanent Price Cut with Xiaomi Mi4 64GB Smartphone

Xiaomi is making some sensational stuffs with the Indian market, as they are completed their 1st Anniversary successfully in the country. Just imagine the journey made by Xiaomi in India, started with breathtaking Smartphone Redmi 1S to the latest Mi 4i Smartphone. Yesterday, Xiaomi made their official statement about the price cut for the Xiaomi Mi 4 Smartphone, as per the celebration of the 1st Anniversary in India week. Yes, from 22 July 2015 to July 28th the Xiaomi is making exceptional offers for the Smartphones and its various accessories. Permanent Price Cut for Xiaomi Mi 4 Smartphone:
Hope you know, by the time of launching, the Xiaomi Mi 4 Smartphone has been enabled with the price tag of Rs.19999/-. According to the celebration week, the mobile has been slashed in its price and comes with the rate of Rs.17999/- in India. But now, the 64GB version has been given the permanent price cut from the maker and hence the Mi 4 mobile can be purchased at the rate of Rs.17999/- forever. …